Everty owns and develops prime real estate around the world. Our portfolio of Class-A commercial, residential, hotel and mixed-use properties spans the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.  
We are committed to human-centered developments where companies, people and communities can thrive. And we are building long-term value with our global portfolio by carefully selecting sites and properties in prime locations.  


Our developments employ cutting-edge design principles, sustainable building practices and operational excellence to create award-winning spaces for our tenants, visitors and guests. These are spaces that inspire creativity, support collaboration, promote social connection and respect the
natural environment. 

We work with renowned architects on new developments, and with interior designers
on the refurbishment of existing ones. 


Our properties are modern, dynamic and vibrant spaces where people can work, play,
and enjoy the best in architecture and design. 


We seek to build wellbeing and mindfulness into all developments and secure LEED green building certification where possible. Our properties are centrally located in most cases, with access to amenities, transit hubs and services. The spaces are designed to be adaptive, offer plentiful access to fresh air and water, and maximize thermal and acoustic comfort.  


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