Where people unwind, work, and thrive

Our difference

Who We Are

Everty owns, develops, and manages real estate in prime global locations around the world. Our Class A and Class B portfolio consists of commercial, industrial, and unique hospitality properties. We create spaces where people unwind, work, and thrive.

Our investment strategy

Investment Criteria

We seek to create stable and predictable financial growth for our stakeholders. Our primary focus is on Class A and Class B buildings in prime locations, but we may also consider other properties with added-value potential in secondary locations.

As a driven, fast-growing company, we are intentional in selecting new investment opportunities and continue to build sustained value. The investment criteria we seek includes:

  • High-Value Acquisitions
  • Exclusive Hotels and Villas
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Off-market
  • High Cash flow Potential
  • Fast Closing Process
  • Class-A and Class-B Office Buildings
  • Value-add/Lease Opportunities
  • Strict Confidentiality
Harold Chamberlain Chief Executive Officer

It's a really exciting time to be in the global real estate market, if you know where to look.

If you have a business opportunity you think may fit our portfolio, contact us.


Portfolio statistics

By the Numbers

  • 38 Properties
  • 263K Total Square Meters
  • 5 Countries