Building the Future

We create spaces where people unwind, work, and thrive.

Our focus

Anticipating the needs of our tenants, guests, and visitors

The landscape of commercial real estate is changing. With the increase in technology, innovation, and the demand for more flexibility, Everty is at the forefront of this evolution. Our focus is to create spaces that anticipate the needs of our tenants and guests in prime locations around the world. We weave the spirit of humanity and sustainability into our developments to deliver unique experiences and outstanding service.

With a portfolio that includes exclusive villas on the Pacific Ocean, a world-class restaurant, a beautiful boutique hotel on the rim of Santorini’s volcanic cliffs, and a state-of-the art office building in the heart of Sofia, our properties represent the highest quality.


Design with Purpose and Care

We are committed to a human-centered approach, a mindset that prioritizes people, communities, and our planet to inform design. We anticipate what tenants, visitors and guests need before they walk through our doors. Studies show that when people spend time in nature, they feel more alive. Our spaces pull nature’s beauty inside in fun and modern ways.


Social & Environmental Responsibility

We bring a social and environmental responsibility to Everty’s portfolio and to the communities where we work and operate.

Our goal is to incorporate aspects of well-being and integral design in all our developments. We seek certifications of environmentally friendly (eco-friendly) construction whenever possible.

We aim to create spaces that inspire creativity, support collaboration, and promote social connection, always within a framework of respect for the natural environment.

Our properties are mostly located in city centers, with access to a variety of services and transportation options. The spaces are designed to be adaptable, offer abundant access to fresh air and water, and maximize thermal and acoustic comfort.

We work with renowned architects and interior designers for the construction of new developments and improvements to our existing assets.