We’re excited to announce that the Oborishte 63 Boutique Hotel in Sofia will undergo a stunning renovation project starting on March 6, 2023, with completion expected in early summer of the same year.

The renovation aims to elevate the guest experience and reimagine the space, creating a stand-out environment that highlights the rich cultural heritage of Bulgaria.

The hotel will debut its reimagined look and feel in July this year.

Elevating the guest experience: A full interior design renovation

As part of our continued commitment to enhancing our guests’ experiences, we’re embarking on an impressive renovation project, which includes:

  • A full interior design makeover of our nine luxurious rooms.
  • Renovations to our restaurant and updates to our food and beverage services to deliver an elevated culinary experience.
  • A reimagined look and feel of our shared areas for a unique guest experience.

Cultural Reflection: An immersive experience that showcases Bulgarian art and culture

As part of our “Cultural Reflection” concept, we’ve selected nine emblematic Bulgarian artists whose art will be visually translated into each of the suites, the lobby, and the reimagined restaurant.

Each room’s interior design is based on the artwork of a Bulgarian artist, tying in with our commitment to the local community. This will immerse our guests in the richness of Bulgarian art and culture and create a one-of-a-kind experience that they’ll never forget.

The Art Hotel: Celebrating Oborishte 63 Hotel’s New Chapter

Our hotel will become a living art home for our guests – The Art Hotel, where art lives. The stand-out experience we’ve designed aims to celebrate the cultural heritage of Bulgaria and elevate the guest experience to new heights.

It’s truly an exciting time of transformation for Everty. We look forward to reopening the reinvented Oborishte 63 Hotel in July and debuting its artistic new look. Everty is thrilled to welcome guests to an elevated travel experience in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria.