We’re extremely excited to announce three new strategic property investments in Costa Rica. This $10M+ purchase of industrial assets brings nearly 9,000 m2 of valuable class A industrial warehouses and office/storage buildings in the areas of Pavas and Coyal de Alajuela into our growing portfolio. These unique properties will create more innovative and sustainable spaces for creativity, collaboration, and social connection.

Why we’re so excited about this acquisition

These new properties are more high-profile and modern structures in excellent locations, fitting nicely within our existing portfolio in Costa Rica. The Urban Storage warehouse located in Pavas is a fully remodeled building containing premium offices and storage across 2,193 m2. The two class A industrial warehouses are in the Multiplx Coyol industrial park located in Coyol de Alajuela and are 2,146 m2 and 4,508 m2, respectively. Taken together, these three properties represent an exciting new addition to our growing portfolio.

How this investment furthers our long-term goals

This latest acquisition fits within Everty’s aim to develop sustainable real estate developments focusing on empowering businesses, individuals, and communities to thrive together. Our goal is to invest $100M in equity in Costa Rica over the next three years. In addition, our investments aim at crafting a unique global portfolio capable of generating long-term value.

We will continue to build our portfolio in Costa Rica, Greece, and Bulgaria, building on our reputation as a premium brand in the property market. Harold Chamberlain, Global CEO of Everty, puts these goals in the context of our wider group of companies, stating:

“As part of the YNV group, we are not only expanding our investments in Costa Rica through Everty, but our sister companies are also growing. From the expansion of Tek Experts, digital skilling programs for young people with government entities and large companies through Elev8, and the growth of our financial technology company, Monifai, we believe vehemently in Costa Rica as an ideal place to do business. In particular, the political stability and quality of human capital in our country make it a privileged place to test our business models.”

Going forward, we’re excited to continue making substantive investments like this as we progress towards our long-term goals.