As the world seeks new ways to recover from the challenges of last year, many companies are looking for new opportunities to strengthen their global business operations. At Everty, we have focused on Greece as the newest location for expanding our portfolio.

Our company recently announced a €100 million investment in the country over the next four years, focusing on properties in the hospitality, office, and residential sectors. We talked about that and other topics with Nikolaos Roupakas, Country Manager for Everty Greece.

A few weeks ago, Everty announced ambitious investment plans in Greece. Can you tell us more? 

Everty is a global company that owns and manages many hospitality, commercial and residential assets in key markets such as the United States, Costa Rica, Nigeria, Bulgaria, and Greece. Our company is part of the YNV Group, a group of multinational companies that invest and do business in a growing number of sectors.  Initially focused on commercial property for the technology sector, Everty has expanded in recent years to cover other areas and is making a strong push to become a leading player in real estate and hospitality. We currently have a portfolio that exceеds $200 million in properties worldwide and now want to triple that figure in the next four to five years. Everty specializes in managing properties such as hotels, restaurants, luxury villas, offices, and corporate centers. Our first project in Greece will be two exclusive beach villas in the south of the country. While we are developing that project from scratch, we also intend to look at hotels and resorts in the market that fit our vision and investment criteria.

Could you explain what Everty’s strategic vision is?

We focus on acquiring assets with a long-term view. We want to invest in properties that can build a sustainable value, with a steady income and the potential for capital appreciation over time. Rather than just investors, we consider ourselves managers who add value to projects that already hold significant potential.

To that end, we look to acquire and reposition properties in strategic markets. Location, design, and functionality are essential, but our experience creates spaces where our visitors and tenants feel welcome and motivated. The communities themselves are vital to us, too; we want to positively impact the areas we invest in and contribute to their overall development. We’ve been successful in doing this abroad and plan to leverage our knowledge and experience within Greece. While our global expertise will strengthen our plans, we want our projects to reflect our country’s unique spirit. We aim to offer an authentic local experience in everything we do, with a level of excellence that sets us apart from other companies.

Looking at Greece in particular, what are your plans for the coming years?

We are committed to investing €100 million in the country in the next four years. Our focus, for now, is on hospitality and office assets that can strengthen our global portfolio. The company is looking for new business opportunities, but we can plan to review any project that comes our way carefully. Smart investments will be key for us in 2021 and beyond.

Over the next decade, we want to target a wide range of premium assets that can provide stable and predictable operating income and capital appreciation. We want to be known as a successful property investment and management company and contribute to developing the economy and welfare of the communities we are active in.

Why is Greece such an attractive market for Everty?

Greece is known and admired worldwide for many reasons. Our country really has it all: Historical heritage, beautiful islands with clean sandy beaches, perfect mild climate, tasty and healthy cuisine, all in a prime location where people from Europe, Asia, and Africa can travel for a few hours. Our beautiful sites and culture make Greece one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. And there’s more to our country than its history and natural beauty. Greece has a growing business scene for global companies and offers many investment opportunities. The combination of these factors makes us believe in Greece and its enormous potential. We plan to invest and operate successful premium properties in Athens and throughout the country.

What kind of properties will you focus on?

Our priority is to acquire and develop sustainable hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, modern offices, and luxury residences. Our first asset is the Petrothalassa Villas, which will begin construction in the next few weeks.

These two luxurious holiday villas are between Porto Heli and Ermioni of the Peloponnese, located in a privately-owned peninsula with 360-degree sea views and direct access to private beaches and marina.

We also hope to acquire one or two hotels in Athens in the next twelve months. We are looking for investment opportunities that will enhance our growing portfolio. We target our vacation villas, hotels, and resorts to become Greek hospitality quintessence with our experience and a world-class team. We are committed to developing a unique, leading hospitality brand in Greece.